mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

The cover girl of January 2012 issue of Elle UK is Lady Gaga. The "Poker face" singer, that looks an ethereal beauty in these pics, wears beautiful organza dress by Alexander McQueenSimone Rocha's silk dress and others. The pop star talks about her love for her fans, for fashion and her secrets of beauty.
Enjoy these fab photos:

'My fans don't care what I am, that's what I like about them. They don't care if I'm a boy or a girl or an in-between or a phoenix or a mermaid or a unicorn. They don't care.' 

 'Many people really don't like what I do – or how I sing or what music I make – but some of those people admire the commitment to the work. That to me is more important than anything.'

"I had abusive relationships: I dated men much older than me – I was 15, they were 30 – which I don't recommend. I was never brave enough to be the person who I am today."


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